"Caledonia Calling" is a brand new off-the-shelf Malt Whiskey beverage distilled and bottled in the Scottish Highlands. The brand aims to merge the classic, patriotic feel of a Scottish alcohol brand with a modern twist and clean approach in an attempt to attract more of a younger demographic to the world of Whiskey. The brand heavily relies on its Scottish association in the design of the branding and advertising campaigns.
The minimalist approach to the advertising campaigns helps convey the modern message whilst still displaying lots of the classic, cultural elements that one expects from a Whiskey brand. It is believed that the brands packaging and overall aesthetic should speak for itself and accurately display what the advertisements are selling without the need for lots of text or complicated imagery.
Seen below is the main assets used throughout the project, the use of few colours mixed with the appropriate culturally accurate typefaces helps again merge the idea of a classic Whiskey brand aimed at attracting a wider, possibly younger target audience.
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