"Brownes" is a mountain climbing and camping equipment retailer based in the United Kingdom. Rising in the ranks of top camping and climbing equipment retailers, their goal is to become a recognisable brand alongside competitors such as Mountain Warehouse and Blacks Outdoor Retail. By selling own brand merchandise beside big brands both in-store and online, they hope to become the go-to brand for all things camping and climbing.
Corporate mock-ups and Advertising posters help with visualising the brand and allows for a realistic representation of real life solutions, each following the brand guidelines to a tee. Using a mix of camping photography with the brand colours and a clear brand message means there's clear examples of how the branding translates to different media.
Social media profile mock-ups give a clear realistic representation of what the branding would look like across multiple platforms. Allows for visualisation of the assets put into real world social media posts and shows how the branding elements can be used to create a cohesive appearance for the company and be recognisable amongst competitors. Shown are profile mock-ups for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook respectively.
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